These are portraits of dogs from the book STREET DOGS by Traer Scott.

Traer Scott travelled to Puerto Rico and Mexico to capture remarkable and soulful photographs of dogs living alone or in packs on city streets. Since many street dogs were formerly pets, they are often friendly, approachable and eager to be adopted into new homes. The small island of Puerto Rico is estimated to have between 200,000 and 300,000 dogs roaming the streets.

Some of the saddest parts of the book take place at Dead Dog Beach. Dogs are dumped there daily and the atrocities range from abandonment to severe abuse and torture: a litter of puppies and their mother had been run over purposely by teenagers, a male dog had hot oil thrown over him, another dog hacked with a machete!!

The book made me cry! It is full of stories of sad dogs that have been neglected, beaten, abused, ignored, tortured. Why?! They are perfect examples of unconditional love! They will keep coming back, forgiving and loving--needing love and having so much to give. There are also BEAUTIFUL and wonderful stories in the book too about kindness and compassion.

I picked up the book because I saw it was about dogs and I wanted to draw them, but, once I got into it, I knew I could help in my way too! :)

ANYWAY---if you are interested in purchasing a hand painted printout---send $50 with your name and address to my paypal account


I will include shipping in the $50-and the rest will go right to the foundation.

Traer Scott says : Although there is some practical truth in the saying "first the people, then the animals," if followed blindly, it becomes a mantra of apathy and avoidance. Compassion is a key element of being human and it does not dictate that you should choose between feeding your child or feeding your dog, nor does it condone violence or abuse from the abused and beaten...a global synergy is taking place. All over the world, geographically scattered but ethically united rescuers and educators are ushering in a new era of compassion and kindness toward the animals with whom we share our lives. This is true grassroots activism in its purest form and should serve to inspire anyone who thinks that one person cannot make a difference."

Oh yeah! Go Traer! :)


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks for sharing that, although it made my heartbreak. I own a handicap dog, she needs a dog wheelchair, after back surgery left her back legs paralyzed.
Perhaps PETA can do something about all those dogs in Puerto Rico?

Sebastiaan Van Doninck said...

Hej Christine,

thanx a lot for the good vibe!
I was looking at your fantastic drawings of the doggies before and I really love them.
Okay, I admit, I do have a weakness for small dogs but your drawings are just delicious!

Christine Hale said...

Thanks guys! Dogs are dreamy, just dreamy.
Heidi: I think there are just too many dogs down there. Maybe the dogs will take over the island one day and it will be called Puerto Dogco! :)
Sebastiaan: I already left you a comment on your blog but here it another one later in the day. THANKS!